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We, at Indus People, treat your personal information with care and privacy.


By using our site to shop or browse, you agree to the collection and use of information as described in our Privacy Policy below. We would request you to refrain from using this website if you do not agree with our policies.


While we may update our policies from time to time, the most recent policies and practices can be found on this page. We do not sell, share or trade any information about our users with third parties. We only collect information in order to provide our site users and customers with the best shopping experience and to keep our operations running smoothly.


Tracking non-personally identifiable information like your IP address or the pages you visit, helps us improve our site and detect problems with the site or servers. We also use non-identifiable information to help us learn about site traffic, usage patterns etc., which in turn allows us to improve the site and features to give you a better shopping experience. We also use cookies to collect product and purchase information from the pages that our site users visit. This information may be combined with identifiable personal information in order to provide you a personalized experience. Cookies are automatically stored on your computer but do not include personal information akin to names, addresses or credit card details.